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In Ecuador, Tippytea is a faithful representative of this product, the same one that has a socially, economically and environmentally responsible value proposition.

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“More than a certification, this is an opportunity to share and generate a supportive network between the companies that are aligned with this objective.


The success of our business has never been directly linked to profitability, but rather to a development where revenue is generated without compromising resources”. In that way, the company's production chain not only follows responsible work processes, but also markets its products fairly in all the territories they're present.


“Currently, we also have an interesting project, which seeks to integrate the use and conservation of agrobiodiversity, in order to contribute to the sustainable management and resilience of agroecosystems; in addition to increasing and improving the supply of goods and services from agriculture, contributing to food security and the reduction of rural poverty. This project will allow small farmers to diversify the products of their plots to generate greater production and better income”.

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About 250 families from the communities we work with receive fair trade benefits from the sale of aromatic herbs

Meet our


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Cayambe - Pichincha

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Cotachachi - Imbabura



Cayambe - Pichincha



Cayambe - Pichincha



El Tena - Napo


Small local farmers from Cotacachi, Cayambe, Tena and Loja, today provide most of the raw material that the company gets to produce the herbal tea blends. Amazonian black tea, amaranth flower from Cayambe, hibiscus flower from Santo Domingo, Amazonian ginger, mallow from Loja, Amazonian lemon grass, Amazonian turmeric, and wild roses from Cayambe, among others, are faithful representatives of the Ecuadorian ingredients that today are made known thanks to the hard work of these small producers. “For me, it is a pride to be able to make visible the work and history of all the families that sustain themselves through the production of ancestral food, grown on their own land. Without them, none of this would be possible”.

Tippytea Blends was recognized by the UN as one of the 10 best start ups in the world aligned to the sustainable development goals, in the context of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. “This recognition helped many people to know Tippytea, increasing its reach in the national territory. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important awards that I have received throughout my business career, becoming a milestone for all Ecuadorian companies, and showing that in the country there is a philosophy of responsible raw material supply”.

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Image by Colin Roe

Through sustainable agricultural methods, which lead to higher profits and better working conditions, Tippytea Blends has implemented new economic systems that allow the integration of various indigenous communities, where women are the ones who cultivate, harvest and provide the great variety of ancestral ingredients. "Most of these women manage to contribute to their household finances"

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