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Our History

A triple impact and Certified B corporation

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Our People

Social, economic and environmental proposal

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Our Blends

Find out where our tea comes from

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Our Shop

Discover what we have and find your favorite tea



Tippytea started in 2013 in Quito, Ecuador. The project was born with the purpose of rescuing the Ecuadorian ingredients and spreading the tea culture in Ecuador, in order to experience it as it should be: a ceremonial, millenary and spiritual practice.

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From the earth

to the spirit

As revealing as coffee grounds, the tea leaves speak of their land and their towns, and how this infusion has become the second most consumed beverage in the world, only surpassed by water.

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Revolution in the

Tea Industry

Tippytea Blends is a Certified B corporation, with a model based on 3 concepts: economic value, social view and environmental impact. “More than a certification, this is an opportunity to share and generate a supportive network between the companies that are aligned with this objective”. 

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in figures

Tippytea Blends

costumers think?

what our

50 +

tea variaties

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that are commercialized in the main supermarkets


Direct and indirect

job positions

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of our products

are certified

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in the last 4 years

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Juanfran Proaño

Finding a brand of tea that is not only good, but conscious, changes the whole market concept. Tippytea is a brand that cares about its farmers.

Domi Franco

After buying a chamomile tea from Tippytea I realized for the first time what chamomile really tastes like, delicious!

Alejandro Terán

I love tea, I’m trully a regular consumer, I don't drink tea, I drink Tippytea teas, they are amazing

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