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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Our goal is to spread the tea culture, this time in the bottled section with our new BLENDS TO GO: a UNIQUE, REAL AND NATURAL proposal.

Blends To Go

We make blends using carefully selected herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits in order to obtain a natural drink with aroma, flavor, body and functionality. We make REAL infusions, unlike other teas that are made industrially with concentrates, flavorings, colorings and lots of sugar. ¡The products we use are socially and environmentally responsible!

We rescue local products from our beloved country: Amazonian black tea, amaranth flower from Cayambe, hibiscus flower from Santo Domingo, Amazonian ginger, mallow from Loja, Amazonian Lemongrass, Amazonian turmeric, wild roses from Cayambe, among others. All these products are organic, produced in an agroecological way and worked by indigenous Farmer communities in these areas.

The infusions are made in a NATURAL way, hot and sweetened with stevia leaves in the process. Bottling is done hot in order to eliminate possible bacteria during the infusion and filling process of the bottles, this is how we obtain a vacuum packed drink and guarantee the safety of our infusion.

We do not use colorants, the colors of our infusions are 100% real.

For this reason, our labels completely cover the bottle, to protect the infusion from light and thus maintain its color and FLAVOR. Our label is oxo-biodegradable, our bottle is made out of glass and you can return it to any of our stores! You can also reuse your bottle as a thermo and when you visit us get a 20% discount on drinks.

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