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TippyTea will be part of the World Fair Trade Organization

Tippytea is in the process of becoming part of the FTO community, the World Fair Trade Organization, which is a global community of entrepreneurs who are pioneers in business models that put people and the planet first. Once again validating her practices of social and environmental responsibility, which previously led it to be a Certified B corporation.

Being part of this association is even more important for indigenous communities because as a fair-trade organization, TippyTea plans to improve the quality of life for both them and their families. So, it guarantees a fair and cash payment for the products, constant orders, training to help improve their products, workshops, women's empowerment and much more. In addition, the members from the different communities understand what fair trade is,

they know what their rights are and also their duties: compliance in quality and time, improve by wanting to change, and be agents of change in their activities.

Our clients, when buying the products, can trust and be sure that they are acquiring more than tea, that they are also contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and the economy of different indigenous communities in Ecuador.

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