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Find the perfect gift for EVERYONE at TippyTea!

The Christmas season has arrived and we know that every year it becomes more difficult to find the ideal gift. At TippyTea we have the perfect gift that fits ALL tastes and above all, your budget! :)


Our TippyTeaBox is back, a box that you build yourself! We have a wide variety of accessories and teas for you to choose from . You can build a super cheap one from $ 10 or a more elaborate one, it will depend on the person you are going to give it to, tastes and budgets. What is clear is that here you will find the perfect gift for your aunt, your secret friend, your grandmother, your cousin, your mother-in-law and for that special someone!

The most important thing is that you are not only going to give something but an experience.

Loose Leaf Tea & Infusor
Jarro de Cerámica & Pirámides de Té

Loose Leaf Tea
Latas con Pirámides

GIFTS BETWEEN $ 10 & $ 20

GIFTS BETWEEN $ 20 & $ 30

GIFTS BETWEEN $ 30 & $ 40

GIFTS of $ 50 and up

Tetera de Hierro & Cuenco de Hierro

This year we have a limited edition of our super special Christmas blend, you get it completely FREE for purchases over $ 50!

Build your TippyTeaBox in all of our stores or through our website, we ship nationwide! Find us at: San Ignacio & Gonzáles Suárez

Paseo San Francisco Mall

Mall El Jardin

San Marino Shopping

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