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TippyTea is the seventh Certified B Corporation in Ecuador

Manzanilla orgánica

Sistema B is a non-profit organization that seeks to create a new economy that is measured by the well-being of workers, the community and the environment. Its mission is to build favorable ecosystems that strengthen B-Corporations. Being B-Corporations means that it is possible to pursue the triple impact, be profitable and at the same time generate a positive impact on a social and environmental level. It means being an agent of change. This global movement that began in 2006, now has 2,564 B Corporations divided into 130 industries in more than 50 countries around the world. In Ecuador there are six companies certified as B Corporations: Impaqto, Pacari, Super Foods, Runa, Ambiente Creativo and Coinnovar.

We are proud to be the seventh Ecuadorian company to qualify as Corporation B!

Guillermo junto a Martita, representante de la comunidad del Tena

For us, social and environmental responsibility is fundamental. We focus on the conservation of native crops, reinforcing clean agriculture, through organic certification processes. This generates additional economic income for small rural producers, who have little land.

Our management model starts from a market that promotes a fair price for high quality products, for this we train and provide technical assistance to the farmer and incorporate traditional crops from the area.

We currently work with three communities, two Andean and one Amazonian.

The most gratifying thing is to meet and share with such fighting, intelligent and loving people, we are proud to be able to work together and always learn something new. Behind each product planted and harvested by these small producers, there is a story with great value that is very important to us.

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