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Top 5 Gifts for Mom at TippyTea

It's already May and the big question everyone is afraid of asking is "What can we give to Mom?" Surprising your mother is becoming increasingly difficult. But do not despair! What counts is that the detail is sincere and comes from the heart.

Our gift boxes are specially designed to collect memories and smiles. To not just give an object, give a tasting and smelling experience and enjoying tea time.

Here we have some options:


Our tea combination, in the versions of 3 Tea Tubes Kit (36gr) for $ 9.99 and Kit: 4 Large Tea Tubes (80gr) for $ 18.50. In this gift you can choose between some varieties.

Kit 3 Tubos de Té ( 36gr)


Tea by weight

We have more than 40 tea varieties available from $ 5.00 onwards.


At TippyTea we have a wide variety of infusers starting at $ 6.75. For all the tastes of our mothers.